A Hand-Me-Up Special

"Rich" Girl

Hi y’all, sorry I’ve been MIA, but as “Poor” Girl said, a lot’s happened in the past two weeks, good and bad. But here’s the good: I got engaged! Yep, “Rich” Girl’s gonna get hitched. And I can show off my new bling here, because the diamond is a hand-me-up from my fiance’s grandmother. 

There it is, old diamond in a brand new setting. He had it made at Little King in the East Village. It’s got some details in it that make it look antiquey and vintage, which I love. It really honors the fact that the diamond has a history. It’s from a 50th anniversary ring, too. How’s that for good luck?

Urban vs. F21

"Poor" Girl

It has been a while since our last post — a lot has happened, but it’s all happened to “Rich” Girl, and I will let her tell the tale.

Anyway, whilst perusing Forever 21 and Urban’s web sites, I discovered something interesting.

This is the most blatant example of my shopping philosophy that I’ve ever found.

The ring from Forever 21 is $5.80, while the Urban ring is $16. That’s a difference of about 64%. Oh sure, the Urban ring might be nicer than the F21 ring, but that’s really just a matter of taste. 

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow (NOT)

"Poor" Girl

I love saving money (duh). I also love making money, and am constantly dreaming up ways to do so (or trying to).

My latest idea is to go to Buffalo Exchange and/or Beacon’s Closet. “Rich” Girl and I brought a bunch of stuff to the Pop-Up Swap a few weeks ago, but I held onto some of the nicer stuff I figured I could eventually sell. (I’m probably going to bring some of the shoes I got at the Swap, because it turns out they hurt like a bitch.)

For those of you who don’t know how BE/BC work, this is how: You bring clothes/shoes to one of their stores, their sales associates appraise them, and you can potentially get cash for or trade them. Sweet, right?

I’m probably going to go sometime this week, so I’ll let you know how I make out.

Oh, the Beauty of the Impulse Buy

"Rich" Girl

So I was down in the Village today with my friend Amelia and my BF after the Gay Pride Parade (best parade ever, btw), and we came upon this little row of booths on Bleecker Street of people selling handmade jewelry and other lovely things. We were perusing the booths when I came upon one from which I had purchased a necklace before (I love the necklace and wear it all the time). 

I spied another necklace, a gold chain with a pendant stamped with what the jewelry-maker called a “tribal image.” I liked it because it reminds me of a sand dollar. I fell in love. It was $35 so I acted indecisive, and he reduced the price to $30. Since I loved it so much, I just had to purchase it. I don’t have much gold jewelry and it’s so pretty.

It was totally worth it. With tax, it came out to $32.51. Every now and then a girl needs an impulse buy!

Fighting Fire With Prettier, More Expensive Fire

Chicago Girl

Happy birthday to myself.

A few weeks ago I let my friends and family celebrate the gift that I am to them by allowing a few presents to be tossed back my way. Generosity cannot be taught.

Among the offerings set forth by my birth worshipers was a gift card to Anthro for $125. I called “Rich” Girl for counsel. Her advice: spend it. An hour later I was pushing through heavy double doors as the first customer of the day. 

Once inside, I made a beeline for the second floor belt rack. I’ve had a crush on this big brown belt for months. Lately every time I try anything on I take this belt with me to the dressing room. We knew each other well, yet I hadn’t committed to my buckle-y flame. It’s not that I’ve been exploring other suitors or that this particular belt is $60, I just didn’t have anything to pair it with. Sticker shock doesn’t compare to true love, but I can’t justify buying something that doesn’t have a place in my wardrobe.

That’s where the gift card came in. Anyone shopping regularly at Anthro knows that $125 is dress territory. I did the rounds, pulling items: a skirt, a couple of sales tops, and dresses, so many dresses. When I finished putzing with the separates, I started in on the main event. The losers suffered from poor fit, heavy material and boring cream themes that just didn’t pop. The winner was a retro navy button-up with a fun bicycle pattern that is perfect with my dream belt. Done and done.

Down at the register I picked up some oversized earrings to ice my birthday cake, bringing the total cost after taxes to $235.94. In my mind, the gift card covered the dress, making it a present from my sweetheart, and the belt and earrings were birthday presents to myself. I paid my $110.94 and left smiling.

Love Dem Dealz

So along with the bag I wrote about yesterday, I also bought a couple tops from Urban Outfitters.

The sweatshirt was 9.99, marked down from $32, and the top was $19.99, marked down from $28. I usually wouldn’t spend $20 on a shirt, but I’d had my eye on it when it wasn’t on sale, so I just couldn’t resist.

The sweatshirt sleeves are rouched, which I was a little hesitant about, but I actually really like it. It brings a nice little flair to an otherwise boring sweatshirt.

Aaaand the top can be worn off the shoulder, so I can have my wolf tat peeking out.

Including the bag, and with tax and shipping, the order came to about $58, which is just about half of what it would have been at the original prices.

Hand-Me-Up Monday

hand-me-up [hand-mee-up, han-]
1.an expensive or valuable article of clothing, jewelry, or footwear passed on to another person after being grown tired of or being replaced by something even more expensive: 
“Damn gurl, where’d you get that Gucci clutch? I thought your ass was po’.” 
“I is, I is, it’s a hand-me-up from my cuz.”
“The one who’s dating Diddy?”

"Poor" Girl

So one of my favorite hand-me-up items is a brown handbag a friend of mine gave me. it’s big and has a lotta pockets, and it’s pretty stylish.

However, after a recent unexpected bike ride, during which the bag kept sliding down my arm and hitting the tire, this happened:

I know, bummer, right? Had I paid however much it was (probably a lot by my standards, maybe like $40 or $50), I’d be really upset. But, it was free, and I had a new bag on the way in the mail from Urban Outfitters.

Super cute, yah? It was on sale (natch), marked down from $48 to $19.99.

I think I’ll still use the brown bag sometimes. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to disguise the damage, so any suggestions — lemme know!

A Summer Skirt on Sale!

"Rich" Girl

This past Friday after getting paid, I of course headed right to Anthropologie. But this time (following some advice from our friend Caitlin), I tried not to look at the full-price items as I headed straight back to the sale racks. 

I magically found many things I liked, but as we’ve discussed about sales, most of it didn’t look too great. Except for this cute jersey skirt. It’s perfect for summer.

I paid $49.95 for it, but it was marked down from $88. A successful purchase. I’m wearing it at the smallest part of my waist, and it falls just below my knees. A trip to Anthro doesn’t have to break the bank!

Luck May Have Something To Do With It

"Poor" Girl

Though cheap clothes are a passion of mine, cheap everything and anything is as well. There are few things I love more than paying way less for something than I should have. This has been especially easy for me because many of my friends, since graduating, have delved into trades I often wanted to utilize but couldn’t because I was pretty much broke.

My friend Kelly, for example, took classes and now works at Arrojo Salon in NYC. Back in December, she needed a model to try relaxing on, so bam! I got my super curly non-Jew Jew-fro relaxed for free. Since she’s now working at the salon she has to charge, but it’s still super cheap. About a month ago I had my hair dyed for $30, and in the near future I’ll be going blonde (and presumably having more fun) for the same price.

Another friend, Rachel, has been tattooing for about a year now. When she was first starting out she charged about $40 a tattoo, and even now is very generous in terms of pricing when she does work on me (I’ve gotten four fair-sized tattoos and two smaller ones for about $200-250).

I’ve also started using a site (livingsocial.com) that sends e-mails with super-discounted services ($20 for a one-hour massage, $75 cut-and-style-and-keratin treatment, what what?).

But it’s not all luck! I’m a deal-and-sale hound, plus I’m a big fan of Etsy and eBay. I got mad skillz when it comes to saving money.

Totally Surprised!

The other day I was thinking about how much “Poor” Girl has spent since starting this blog and how much I’ve spent, and I came to the realization that she’s probably spent more money than I have. So we’ve installed a new “totals” page up on the bar where we’ll keep track of the exact amounts. Lo and behold, she’s spent more ($171.28 vs. $157) so far. 

Don’t worry though, I’ll be living up to my “Rich” Girl name very soon!

Note: In case any of you are keeping tabs, when I blogged about the green dress, I said “around 70” because I didn’t remember the exact price. I looked at my bank statement to get a more accurate amount for this.